Saturday, 27 May 2017

Finding Happiness!!

After a night of storm in Terai, I sat outside on the terrace of a hundred year old house, trying to make sense of the sounds of the night. Two fireflies playing hide and seek in the dark, caught my eye. And I wondered, while we spend entire lives trying to find happiness, isn't it actually as elusive as those fireflies in the dark. 

The stars in the sky continue to amaze me as ever. Are these the same stars I looked at from where I was a decade ago.. Are these stars silent witnesses to all my losses and gains in life.. Do they feel happy and sad for me at times.. Or do they sympathize for what becomes of us.. Will their tiny lights be a source of strength when all else fails. Whatever be, I hope they will be my small anchors in firmament reminding me of my journeys in life and how ephemeral all else can be. Happiness be mine!

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