Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Of beautiful ruins..

Hogi is dher imaarat ki kahani kuchh tau
Dhundh alfaaz ke malbe mein maa’ine kuchh tau

                                                         ~Shahpur Rasool

(Surely a story hides behind these ruins, somewhere
Search the debris of words, the meaning is there, somewhere)

While reading a book on Delhi recently, I came across these lines and could not help but think of some beautiful ruins in the heart of Lucknow I happened to visit last summer.Whatever be the original purpose of such buildings or the current extent of their dilapidation, the air around them teems with stories which bore witness to silent passage of time. Sometimes one feels as if one merely had to outstretch one's hands, and catch a few words which seem rather too palpable. But then, lest the superfluity of my words ruins the beauty of the the feeling such places evoke, I rest my case with a sense of awe and abandonment.

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