Thursday, 20 June 2013

Blessing Indeed!

Was blessed with a baby girl on 16th February this year. Can not compare the experience with anything else in the world. The joy of holding your child for the first time in your arms. For the practical and stoic person that I considered myself to be, could not sleep a wink all night when she was laid close to me for the first time by the nurse. The reality is still hard for me to accept sometimes that the little doll who frolics all day has come from inside me. GOD must have worked hard to craft such a tiny being with functional limbs and organs. 

Hubby says if we humans did not have this innate fascination for diminutive objects and in this case, the Small One, the perpetuation of human race would have been difficult. Reasons alongside that unlike in the case of other animals whose young ones start walking within hours of birth, human babies are completely helpless and dependent for a long time after their birth and unless provided for by others, could not have survived, since times immemorial. The cuteness bestowed upon them by their diminutive form is what attracts and impels us to love them and bring them up as we do!(Rude Science) 

As for me, am thankful to GOD (or the Supreme Power there is) for the miracle that I consider it to be and the marvelous feat of science and engineering that it is! 

Had been scared by the experiences of countless parents before us who nearly made us believe that life comes to an end and there is no time for sleep, food, drink, TV, guests when the young one arrives. Partially true but not as scary as it was made out to be. Despite all the luxuries and freedoms that we enjoyed, life had begun to stagnate for the two of us. How many trips to mall, how many vacations abroad, how much shopping or how much of food and wine could we possibly indulge in. It was beginning to get boring and we yearned for a new and completely different experience.Needless to mention, that the relatives and family too had been enquiring for the "good news" for quite some time now.

The Small one sleeps soundly through the night. Night time feeds too have gradually reduced from three-four to one. TV and food have never been a problem so far. Never missed a single episode of Packed to the Rafters except for the period of hospitalization and one week recuperation thereafter! The fact that am blogging bears testimony to the fact and is also partially inspired  by Julie's blog 'Vintage Mum' in the series.

Now the baby is four months old and the leave period comes to an end this month. Can not bring it upon myself to leave her yet. Against all the wise advice I have been given, have decided to extend my leave by another three months. Since she has come into our lives, don't know how the days have passed. Its about her all day and all the time. To the point of reiteration, the career minded and ambitious person that I considered myself to be, no high profile assignment or fat pay check could compare to the joy of enjoying her childhood and see her grow  each day. 


  1. Woww!! Couldn't agree more.. Eagerly waiting to join the new moms' club :)

    1. Thanks Dear. We will have much to share in days to come. Baby dust to you!!